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Child Custody Issues? Let a Denver Family Lawyer Enlighten You

Moving on from a difficult family crisis can be difficult but with more help from trusted people other than family and friends, the burden becomes lighter.  Loid & Merduck of Denver is a law firm that could help you.  With years of family law practice, they can be relied on for legal advice during a family crisis.

Family law attorney Patty Frances Loid’s advocacy is to help people like you.  Junis Gream, a writer from the Famdaily Hub interviewed her recently.  Below are the highlights of the interview that seeks to enlighten people about common issues on child custody.


What is Colorado state’s take on child custody?

You will notice that Colorado laws refrain from using the terminology “custody” but uses the term “parental responsibility”.  State law differentiates decision making for the child from parenting time with the child.  When the situation calls for it, both responsibilities are split.


Who gets parenting time and decision making privileges?

Parenting time is a complex issue.  Sometimes the Colorado court will choose to grant parenting time to only one parent even if both father and mother are responsible. The court makes a decision that prioritizes the child’s interest.  So if it deems that the child will get the most benefit from living permanently with one responsible parent, it may decide to lean on that decision while ensuring that the father and mother will keep a certain bond for the sake of the child.

In Colorado, “decision making” privileges are separated because Courts treat them differently. It is possible to have unequal parenting time but shared decision-making responsibilities.

While one of the parents may be privileged with more parenting time, Colorado courts dictate that decisions regarding the child’s welfare are equally shared by the parents.


Let Loid & Merduck law office handle your family’s legal issues

Loid & Merduck law firm in Denver is dedicated to offering a timely solution in cases involving the most important unit of society – your family.  Our firm understands that there could be huge disagreements and conflict going on between parties.  However, we do strive to resolve issues that are bothering you and will attempt to strongly push for an amicable settlement.  This is the best route to take especially where children are involved.  Family battles, including those on child custody, are always ugly and the ones most affected by it are the children who are supposed to be living in the care of harmonious and loving parents.

It is also true that one of the party’s welfare could be seriously compromised.  In this case, you can depend on Attorney Loid and her group to bring the matter to the negotiation table and defend your interest too.  One of their strengths lies in drawing a well thought out strategy, ensuring that your parental privileges aren’t compromised.

Loid & Merduck law firm cares for you.  Browse our site for legal services that you can avail or consult with our lawyers now.




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