Personal Injury Settlements And Judgements

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The Difference Between Settlement and Judgement

An injury settlement is vastly different from an injury judgment. If you are injured in the state of Colorado, you may need to file a lawsuit against the responsible party—especially if your injuries resulted in chronic or long term disabilities. When this happens it is important to understand the legal process and some important legal terms. So—what exactly is the difference between an injury settlement and an injury judgment?

An Injury Settlement:

An injury settlement is common after a personal injury. This is essentially an agreement between the two parties to resolve the case outside of the court system. A Colorado personal injury attorney will need to negotiate on your behalf for compensation and come to an agreement with insurance companies and other attorneys. Skillful and aggressive negotiation is the key to obtaining the maximum compensation for your injuries. Your Colorado personal injury attorney will need to present your case and convince the other party’s legal team that your injuries are substantial enough to warrant maximum compensation.

Once you agree on a settlement, the money is usually easy to obtain. Insurance companies and individuals usually pay the settlement amount in large lump sums or as part of a structured settlement. Choosing a Colorado personal injury attorney that has success negotiating settlements is the first step towards receiving the compensation you deserve after a traumatic accident.

An Injury Judgment:

An injury judgment; however, involves the court. After two parties fail to reach an agreement or settlement, the case goes to trial. During this process it is important to have a Colorado personal injury attorney who is experienced in litigating all types of personal injury cases. Your attorney will need to present your case before a judge and convince the jury that you are entitled to compensation for your injuries. Once the judge and jury have heard both sides, they will award the victim the amount they believe the victim is entitled to.

Even though you receive a judgment, however, the money can be incredibly difficult to obtain. Many corporations, insurance companies and legal firms will appeal the judgment and your money could be tied up for years in the appeals process. Therefore, it is usually in both parties best interest to come up with a fair and reasonable settlement BEFORE a case goes to trial.

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