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A Denver attorney whose expertise is traffic law, Attorney Gene Vilmmer uses his professional skills in rendering extensive legal services which include representation during personal injury claims.  Are you involved in a vehicle accident and need a defense lawyer from Denver?  Attorney Gene Vilmmer will defend you from all types of traffic violations, infractions, or misdemeanor.

Whether it’s a speeding ticket, driving with recklessness, DUI, DWAI, DUS, DUR, eluding a police, and other traffic violations or infractions of traffic law, this Denver lawyer can represent you and help you claim for personal injury resulting from auto, motorcycle, or truck accidents.

Who in Denver could really offer legal assistance?

Attorney Gene Vilmmer is a seasoned Denver attorney who can provide one of the best legal representation in Denver.  He is an expert in traffic violation issues and all matters pertaining to traffic law.  He understands your needs, applies his thorough knowledge of the law, and provide legal representation.  He will help in resolving your case and he will treat your case with priority.

How can one be tagged as a “Habitual Traffic Offender”?

A driver who has been a recipient of three serious driving violations in the course of seven years is already a habitual traffic offender (HTO) under the law.  You lose the privilege to drive a vehicle for about five years once you are tagged as an HTO for having committed offenses including DUI, DWAI, reckless driving, vehicular homicide, among others.

One classic offense which could make you a candidate for HTO is driving under revocation after receiving a DUI offense.  This is termed as “Driving Under Revocation”.   It is easy to accumulate three offenses when you aren’t careful.   A DUI offense and driving under revocation is already two counts of offense.  One more serious conviction and you’re already considered an HTO.

Apart from this, you may also be called an HTO even if you have received minor traffic offenses.  Each minor offense is designated points so for instance, if you have committed 10 minor offenses within a five-year period and these offenses, though minor, correspond to four points of offenses, then you are already considered an HTO.

How does the law penalize an individual guilty of driving under revocation?

When you have been considered an HTO, and have been guilty of driving under revocation, expect to receive harsher penalties.   You could spend one year and six months in a county jail if you have a first traffic offense.  But if you are already under HTO status at the time you violated a traffic law, like DUI for instance, you could be sentenced to Colorado Department of Corrections.  Moreover, you may be asked to pay fines of up to $100,000 depending on the circumstances you are in.

If you think you are a candidate for HTO, do not hesitate to call our office.  A seasoned traffic attorney can readily help you.  Consult us now and contact us at the numbers below.

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