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Denver-based Polk, Madis, and Heffner law firm attorneys discuss entitlements and privileges under the Worker’s Compensation Law.  The following are highlights of the discussion.

Are you entitled to benefits even if you are at fault?

Despite being at fault when an accident happens, you have the right to avail of medical care and claim disability benefits if it’s proven that you’ve been injured while at work.

Your first steps

However, one of the first steps that you should do is to inform your employer right away about the incident and request for the proper medical care.  When you do this, your employer has the responsibility to submit a report of the incident and the injury you have sustained.  This report should be submitted to the Division of Worker’s Compensation.

In case your employers advise you against requesting for medical care, proceed with doing so.  After all, he isn’t supposed to prevent you from doing so because this is your right as an employee or worker.

You should consider availing of the services of a worker’s compensation lawyer from Denver. He can help you in this situation because this is his expertise.  Assuming your employer has filed an admission about the claim, it is possible to miss out on some benefits because of miscalculation or omission on his part.  When this happens, it is better to have a lawyer by your side who can really guide you.

How can Polk, Madis, and Heffner Law help you?

Getting the right treatment for injuries sustained is very critical.  Your employer, as well as the insurance company, are obligated to designate a physician who will treat you.  However, if you are uncomfortable with the physician appointed for you, the Polk, Madis, and Heffner Law Firm can assist you to find a substitute physician.  This is allowed under the law.

What is Maximum Medical Improvement?

Here’s how it works.  Your attending physician will continue to put you under his care until you have attained Maximum Medical Improvement (MMI).   Having an MMI status means that you have regained your health after the injury.  This will be decided upon by your physician.  Consequently, you will receive benefits which are determined based on the provisions of the Worker’s Compensation Law.

On some occasions, you may still obtain medical care despite having attained MMI.  You will just have to seek another opinion from another physician if you aren’t satisfied with your attending physician’s MMI opinion.  In this case, the Polk, Madis, and Heffner Law Firm can easily assist you when going through this process.

There are times when an insurance company will reject your claim with a very vague explanation.  They may simply indicate that yours isn’t work-related. It’s also possible that these are delaying tactics to test how far you would go in asserting such claim.

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